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    Saturday, July 2, 2016

    Underwater Spots Nusa Penida Bali

    Underwater spots Nusa Penida for Bali Traveling trip.One of 10 amazing Bali's underwater spots as Bali spectacular underwater spots in this world.Watch huge manta rays get cleaned Manta Point, Nusa Penida.Off the rugged coast of Nusa Penida lies Manta Point, the only place in Bali where huge reef manta rays are sighted on a regular basis.These gentle giants (known for being curious and friendly around humans) emerge from the deep to have their skin plucked of parasites, by a resident army of cleaner fish. Imagine the car wash scene in ‘Shark Tale’, only with giant rays instead of sharks!

    The cleaner fish are stationed on a coral mound a few metres below the surface. If the mantas are in the mood for a clean, they will circle this mound repeatedly until the cleaner fishes’ work is done.Being so close to the surface, snorkelers can easily witness this fascinating behaviour up-close – but please respect the wildlife and never chase or touch mantas. This can scare them off and ruin the experience for everyone.There’s not much else to see here, and if you’re unlucky, Manta Point can be a real bore, but if the mantas are around (which is most of the time, fortunately!) – swimming so close to these enormous, intelligent creatures is one of the most amazing human-animal interactions you are ever likely to experience.And you can also check the best one bali destination for traveling like Peaceful of Ubud Bali as amazing destination in Bali.

    Nusa Islands (Penida, Lembongan)
    Getting There: The vast majority of visitors’ reach Manta Point via booking a full day trip with one of the dive shops or tour guide companies in Kuta, Sanur or Padangbai.
    Recommended Tour Operators: There are many tour operators in the Seminyak-Sanur area who offer diving and snorkel trips to Manta Point, often combined with a second site around Nusa Penida. Note that the currents around Nusa Penida can be very strong and can catch even experienced snorkellers by surprise. We recommend Aquamarine Bali for their focus on safety.And you can also check for spring traveling like the best 5 Indulgent hot Springs for a good one your Bali traveling trip.

    Reaching the snorkel site: Manta Point is accessible only by boat. The dive boat will drop snorkelers close to the cleaning station, where you wait until the mantas (hopefully) arrive.And you can also check the best another most popular with amazing water view as the 10 Extreme Sports for Bali traveling trip.

    Other tips:A day trip from the Kuta area costs roughly $150USD including transport, a meal and a guided tour of Manta Point and a visit to one other site. From Padangbai, a day trip is around $120, and from Nusa Lembongan, a dedicated trip to Manta Point is about $60.Source from TRIPCANVAS Bali Traveling tips and trick.
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